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First of all please read before you respond, I DID google.
Second, yes you are people have given me cheat code help here before without complaining. And I am not looking for AR I am looking for Gameshark, once again please read.
Look, how about you read instead. I know it's kinda off that the rules are in PGC, but they cover this whole board (General Pokemon Gaming Discussions). So I don't know who gave you AR/GS codes before, but they were breaking the rules and should have been reported.

Originally Posted by GPGD Rules
Do Not Ask For Or Give Out Action Replay/GameShark Codes
- Once again, please use Google for codes. We're not gonna risk messing your game up. Discussion on the use of AR/GS and opinions are perfectly fine, provided that no one is giving out codes.
If you need to read more, please refer here. But just know, dragonomega was not in the wrong here, so no need to get upset with him. Like I said, whoever gave you AR/GS codes before shouldn't have done that.

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