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Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
Yay, new fic from you! :D You better finish this one~
I certainly hope so. The problem with the old ones was always the fact that I started right from the beginning of the Pokemon journey and stuff. That wasn't a good idea because I could never be bothered writing all the exposition-y stuff DX

Anyways, have to say an interesting start here. Not the first time I see a fic start with the Champion wondering what he should do, but those stories always have great character development potential. I can see how the Champions that are young would wonder, "Okay, I beat the League, now what?" and there are different paths to it. I'm actually wondering what Ren will do now. Hm...Either case though, looking forward to the first chapter!
I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes too XD. I have several story threads planned out, and I'm going to see which one fits most naturally for this one.

Before I go, I really need to pinpoint something from another review...

It is still canon, just not in game verse. Just because something different is in the anime doesn't make it less qualified for what is canon in the Pokemon world. The games, anime, and mangas have different interpretations of the Pokemon world and each one can be canon. It just depends which verse you'll go with when you do fanfiction.
Agreed. Just to clarify, this is, I think, in no particular 'verse. I'm thinking gameverse, because that's what I'm most familiar with. I guess you could call it AU as well, though . . . hmm. I'm gonna let you guys decide once I post the next chapter.

EDIT: On the other hand, there is mention of the Ever Grande conference, so I guess it's animeverse! @[email protected] I'm just confusing myself now.
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