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Dante the sexy 1
I'm guessing you went with a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 render for this one? It looks very comic-like if you ask me. It looks great as well! I like how you've dulled the colours a little bit, but not too much so it looks oversaturated. There's something about this tag though, which annoys me a little bit, and I can't really point it out. Maybe it's because of the comic-like render you've used, and the city background you've used also don't really mix too well. You've gone with a render which doesn't really fit the scene, if you ask me. Maybe I would choose a background more like a comic book feel, instead of reality-animation. Overall, It's a really nice tag, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it's on par with your Hibari tag, which imo is your best work as of yet. :)

Dante the sexy 2
There's something about this one as well which really irks me. Looking at it more and more it looks a little flat. What I think is that you've gone with a dark grey for the background, which strongly blends with the greys that are on Dante's coat. Another thing is that the reds come across a little stronger than I would have imagined, but there isn't a lot of red happening in the icon, so I guess it works well. :) Overall I think it's nice, but try not to go over the top with colours and it would be perfect.

Generic rose-in-mouth guy

This one I really do like a lot, so don't expect me to say a lot about this one. I'm really digging the positioning you've used for this icon, and it really works. Only thing that really gets on my nerves is that it looks like it's on a completely blank canvas. Unless that's meant to be intentional, I don't think I like it, just for that reason. Maybe it's just me and using a white forum style as to why it looks like that, but it looks like the background is transparent.
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