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    Platinum Dragonite’s Trade Thread!!!!

    1: No hacks!!!! If I trade you a hack then tell me and I will refund you
    2: Don’t PM me unless you want to arrange a date for a trade we have agree
    d on
    3: I will only trade pokemon in pokemon white if you can clone them, unless you offer something that i might like.
    4: If you are tradin
    g to my diamond I will clone your pokemon and give it back to you if you can not clone. So it’s a win, win XD
    5: No stupid trades

    *= A Shiny in a category other than the shiny category
    SS= Soul Silver
    PT= Platinum

    Important Info
    If you have a Pokemon black or white and you want to trade for a pokemon from my diamond I will happily transfer the pokemon to my pokemon white so don’t hesitate to look in my diamond section, but I really do prefer to trade with 4th gen games

    How my givea
    ways start:
    If I clone a pokemon by accident or a trade is cancelled and I had the pokemon ready and cloned or even if I go on a breeding spree they will be kept for a giveaway!


    Pokemon added to DW category and event category
    Sprites added
    more Pokemon added


    On My Pokemon Diamond Game:

    Egg Move Pokemon:

    Ralts lv1 Female Growl/Will-O-Wisp/ShadowSneak/Confuse Ray

    Larvitar lv1 Male Bite/Leer/O
    utrage/Dragon Dance

    Charmander lv1 Male Scratch/Growl/Outrage/Dragon Dance

    Bagon lv1 Male Rage/Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw/Shadow Claw

    Gastly lv1 Female Hypnosis/Lick/Will-O-Wisp/Astonish

    Ralts lv1 Male Growl/Destiny Bond/Will-O-Wisp/Mean Look

    Chimchar lv1 Male Leer/Blaze Kick/Overheat/Flamethrower

    Legendary Poke

    SS Articuno lv50 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Moltres lv50 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Zapdos lv50 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Mewtwo lv70 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Ho-oh lv70 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Raikou l
    v40 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Lugia lv45 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Suicune lv40 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Latios lv35 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Latias Lv40 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Groudon l
    v50 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Giratina lv1 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Dialga lv1 UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    SS Palkia lv1
    UT (from Jap game but it was patched)

    PT Cresselia
    lv50 Female UT

    Shiny Pokemon:

    Swellow lv100 Male

    Zubat lv12 Male

    Bidoof lv3 F

    Tyrogue lv13 Male

    Tyranitar lv55 Male

    Charizard lv36 Male

    Mesprit lv50 (J

    Nidoking lv33 Male

    Flower Paradise Shaymin lv30

    Tentacool lv19 Female

    Birth Island Deoxys l
    v100 (Speed Form) (Japanese)

    Newmoon Island lv50 (

    Scizor lv100 Male

    RNG Abused Shinies:

    Beldum lv1

    Bagon lv1 Female

    Torchic lv1 Male

    Cyndaquil lv1 Male

    Magby lv1 Male

    Dratini lv1 Female

    Eevee lv1 Male

    Trapinch lv1 Female

    Chikorita lv1 Male

    Chimchar lv1 Male

    Piplup lv1 Male

    Skorupi lv1 Female

    Scyther lv1 Female

    Ralts lv1 Male

    Gible lv1 Male

    Rhyhorn lv1 Female

    Snorunt lv1 Male

    Absol lv1 Female

    Cubone lv1 Female

    Gastly lv1 Male

    Duskull lv1 Male

    Lapras lv1 Male

    Houndour lv1 Female

    Numel lv1 Female

    Aron lv1 Male

    Exeggcute lv1 Male

    Solrock lv1

    Surskit lv1 Female

    Gulpin lv1 Male

    Cranidos lv1 Male

    Bronzor lv1

    Yanma lv1 Male

    Snover lv1 Female

    Event Pokemon:

    Movie 09 Arceus lv100

    Michina Arceus lv100

    Pokemon Ra
    nger 3 Deoxys lv50 (Speed Form) (Japanese)

    Pokemon Ranger 3 Deoxys lv50 (Defence Form) (Japanese)

    Pokemon Ranger 3 Deoxys lv50 (Normal Form) (Japanese)

    Alamos Darkrai lv50

    World 09 Weavile lv30 Male

    World 08 Lucario lv30 Male

    Aura Mew lv10

    World10 Crobat lv30 Male

    WCS Eevee lv50 Male * (Japanese)

    Gamestop Jirachi lv5

    JBHF Manaphy lv50

    TRU Regigigas lv100

    GameStop Deoxys lv50 (Normal Form)

    WCS Milotic lv50 Male*

    NZ Manaphy lv50

    Palcity Manaphy lv5

    Navel Rock Ho-oh lv70

    Navel Rock Lugia lv70


    On My Pokemon White Game: (only for those who can clone unless you have an offer i might like)

    Common Gen V Pokemon:

    Larvesta lv1 Male

    Herdier lv38 Female

    Bisharp lv60 Male

    Zorua lv1 Female

    Basculin lv11 Male (Red Striped)

    Venipede lv15 Female

    Palpitoad lv30 Male

    Unfezant lv46 Male

    Pansear lv11 Male

    Purrloin lv5 Female

    Cubchoo lv28 Male

    Druddigon lv60 Male

    Accelgor lv30 Male

    Patrat lv9 Male

    Garbodor lv38 Female

    Shiny Pokemon:

    Golem lv27 Male

    Landorus lv70 Male

    Crobat lv57 Male

    Dragonite lv75 Male (Nicknamed Puff)

    Gyrados lv32 Female

    Arcanine lv72 Male

    Chimchar lv1 Female

    Eevee lv1 Male

    Shuckle lv1 Female

    Legendary Pokemon:

    Zekrom lv62

    Kyurem lv75

    Reshiram lv50

    Tornadus lv40 Male

    Mewtwo lv70

    Event Pokemon:

    Liberty Pass Victini lv15

    Lostlorn Forest Zoroark lv27 Female

    GameStop Suicune lv30

    GamesStop Raikou lv30

    Dream World Pokemon:

    Lickitung lv10 Male
    Ability: Cloud Nine

    Ponyta lv10 Male
    Ability: Flame Body

    Dratini lv10 * Male
    Ability: Marvel Scale

    Poochyena lv10 Male

    Ability: Rattled


    ALL IN-GAME legendarys that I don’t have and are not shiny (Prefer UT)
    Shiny Pokemon
    Event pokemon
    Crown beasts but I want them to be in my pokemon diamond
    Gamestop Celebi


    Possibly Hacked List: (Do not ask for this pokemon until it is checked)

    Hacked List: (If i traded u a pokemon from here pm me to get your refund)

    Rayquaza lv100

    Pokemon White FC: 0260-9715-2318

    Pokemon Diamond FC: 4468-7835-8668

    My Trade Thread:
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