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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
One quick thing:

When "mom" is used like this, it's written with a capital letter. Best way to figure out if it needs to be capitalized or not is to use the character's real name in place of it, and if the sentence fits, then it's capitalized. If not, then it's written in all lower-case.
Ah, I see. I think I got thrown off because I don't tend to use the word 'mom' myself. It just sounded weird no matter how I put it. a_a I had a similar struggle with Aunt and Uncle as well, actually.

In any case, thanks for watching READING. why did i say watching. Thanks for reading. I hope to get another chapter out by Easter, but I'm not planning on pushing it.

Wonder what Steven has to discuss with Ren. I know Steven can spring some surprises on a trainer, so it has to be something real interesting. Especially since Ren is the champion.
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