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Option A - It's much easier
I think about 6 - 8 is a good amount, since we don't want a short rp.

AlsoI think I'd be better if the battlers have the choice whether they blunder and who loses and who wins since it's much eaiser and faster. Plus if we do need a looker/observant then I think their job should just ot be make sure that both players are playing fairly and even out any abnormal inconsistancies.

My Entry:

Name: Nathan
Age: 16

Nathan is medium in height and has fair skin. He appear quite young for his age and many people look down on him because of his 'trickering youth.' Nathan's eye colour isn't permenant, meaning that his eye colour changes constantly from a light grey to an array of blues and greens; even yellowish - gold. Nathan has a medium build and a meduim-pitched voice.

Because Nathan has always been a quiet acheiver yet enthusastic and bubbly at rare times, he prefers to wear cargo pants and storngly dislikes jeans that really reveal most of his body shape. He likes wearng hoodies, especially in the cold and will often look like a larger version of a rufflet. His common outfit is a velvety green short-sleeved hoodie with grey patched cargo pants. He often loves weaing grey sneakers and always carries his pokemon on his belt rather than in his bag. He always wears a watch to keep organised and loves wearing black shades when his' hoodie's off.

Nathan's personality is quiet yet eager to learn new skills. He is very intelligent often able to predict opponent's moves on their body language and tone of voice, not to mention is extensive reasearch on his opponent's battling techniques which he most of the times finds a way around them. Thoug he may be prepared sometimes he is over prepared and overlooks the simple an small things that could cost him the battle.

His organisational skills and strong love for battling has earned him a handy 16 badges.
All Kanto and Johto badges have been claimed by Nathan yet he has still to be able to collect and compete in the Heonn League, Sinnoh League and Unova League. He both has won in he Kanto and Johto leagues and has been offered two opportunities to compete in the Kanto and Johto chmpions leagues in which he has to face the corresponding Elite 4. He was originally from Johto in spite of his very Unova styled team. Though he has been aorund and achieved a lot he has been away from his family a lot which is a downfall.

Nathan's had a sucessful history, however, he has suffered quite a bit from relative losses after both his aparents died in a severe car accident. He now lives with his Grandpa and Grandma in Azelia Town. Like mentioned above he has earned 18 badges and has travelled to Unova and developed a team in which proved to be quit skillful.

Party Pokemon:

- Bulldoze
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Rockslide

- Earthquake
- Surf
- Muddy Water
- Rain Dance

- Horn Drill
- Dig
- Swords Dance
- Sandstorm

- Air Slash
- Superpower
- Hone Claws
- Agility

- Retaliate
- Reversal
- Rest
- Work Up

- Bulk Up
- Dynamic Punch
- Stone Edge
- Brick Break

Auxilliary Pokemon:

None Currently.
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