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    Name: Warren Barlowe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Warren has always had a very 'rough-and-ready' appearance. His skin is very tanned and weather-beaten, through spending a lot of his time outside and working under the sun. Against this, his light blue eyes can seem quite startling; he inherited them from his grandmother and they're somewhat heavy-lidded. His hair is dark brown and, for him, annoyingly curly; if he grows it out too long it becomes an afro, so he generally keeps it quite short. He prefers to wear lighter coloured clothes than darker, such as a pale yellow t-shirt with light blue jeans and, if the weather's cold, a green jacket. It's somewhat hard for him to find clothes though, because while he's average in height he's very broad in the shoulders and chest. Most shirts that fit him in the chest often hang a little below his hips.

    Personality: If anything, Warren's a fun-loving kind of guy. While he can have serious moments, he just prefers to take things easy most of the time, and have fun when he can. He's accepting of anyone and everyone, an while he's not one to hold grudges, it is very easy to get him to trust you. This hasn't really been a problem in the past, but it doesn't take much to win his respect. He doesn't even really have a temper; he's more likely to walk away before angering himself further with a situation. The few times he has gotten extremely angry though, he's never gotten physical, he only shouted.

    History: In the years before leaving on his Pokemon journey, Warren lived with his parents and younger brother in Olivine City, Johto. His father is a fisherman, and once he was old enough Warren would more often than not go out on their boat with his father and help him at work, pulling in Remoraid and Magikarp to sell to the restaurants all around the Johto and Kanto regions. He's always been very close with his younger brother Aaron, and they spent many sunny afternoons playing tag on the Olivine pier.

    His ambition to become a Pokemon trainer came at the age of eleven when he went out on the boat with his father to a new spot in the water, quite far out to sea. He saw the Whirl Islands in the distance, and on asking his father what they were, he was told the legendary story of the creature that now resided in them; Lugia. He became fascinated with the story of the two legendary birds of Johto, and the legends behind them, and vowed to one day at least see them for himself.

    He left home just before turning thirteen, with a Pokemon already in his arsenal (see below) and plenty of hopes and dreams. Namely, to be one day recognised as such a great Pokemon trainer that he could be one of the rare few to interact with the legendary birds Lugia and Ho-Oh.


    Pokemon 1 –
    Species: Horsea
    Nickname: Peggie
    Background: Warren was twelve when he came across Peggie. She was only a baby at the time, and had gotten herself caught in Warren's father's fishing net. Warren had felt guilty and so sorry for the little thing that he took her home to help it heal; she's gotten so freaked out in the net that she'd hurt herself. She was better in no time and Warren did try to release her, but she'd grown too attached to him. She's been with him ever since, but he only really could recognise her as his Pokemon when he caught her just before leaving on his journey; with her permission of course. He named her Pegasus, but even that got shortened to Peggie over time.
    Personality: Peggie is a very sweet, loving Pokemon. She craves affection a lot of the time, and when she's out of her pokeball and not battling she's more often than not snuggling into the crook of Warren's arms, much like she did when she was a baby. Don't let that fool you though; she's a very fierce and devoted battler, and on the brink of evolution.

    Moveset (up to 6): Smokescreen, Bubblebeam, Agility, Focus Energy, Brine, Scald.

    Pokemon 2 –
    Species: Nidoking
    Nickname: Midas
    Background: Warren caught Midas while he was training just outside of Goldenrod City. At the time Midas was very docile and agreeable, enough so that he eventually evolved into a Nidorino. Warren received the moon stone that evolved Midas into a Nidoking for his fifteenth birthday, from his parents.

    Personality: As a Nidoran, Midas was very sweet and gentle, but when he first evolved he started showing anger problems. He became much more vicious in battle, and while this was good for winning, Warren wasn't too keen because it wasn't very moral. When Warren received the moon stone, he'd hoped evolving Midas would calm him down, and it did a little. He's still very prone to battling right until the end though, and even now has the odd outburst of rage.

    Moveset (up to 6): Peck, Poison Sting, Double Kick, Chip Away, Horn Attack, Flamethrower.

    RP Sample: It wasn't really surprising that Warren jumped at the chance to do anything involving the legendary Pokemon. Of course he'd heard all about Arceus and the Divine Purge; it was a bedtime story he'd often begged for from his mother when he was growing up. Even now he truly believes it; he's firm in the fact that it all happened, and it could all be happening again. Which is why, when he received the message about travelling to the far-off Unova region, he agreed at once. Even if it was all a hoax, it would be interesting to visit such a far away place anyway.

    What he didn't think through was he fact that he'd have to get on a plane. Warren isn't a fan of flying at the best of times, let alone when the weather is frequently pulling strange stunts. Either Pokemon or plane; flying terrifies him, which is why he was still gripping his seat on the plane rather tight even after a few hours. If he could let Peggie out to cuddle, he would; she's a great source of comfort. But he can't, so he was forced to just focus on reading the book he'd brought along with him, which was all about the Unova region. The plane shuddered a little which made Warren's hand tighten on the armrest, and he regretted not bringing along sleeping pills or something.

    He chanced a glance out of the window, but it was dark out and kind of cloudy. From what he'd heard, the weather in Unova was temperamental at the best of times, let alone in current times. He looked back at his book, but with a frown on his face. He didn't like the risk of all of this being potentially destroyed again. The idea that the Divine Purge could be happening again troubled him; would the human and Pokemon races be able to handle a second one?

    His thoughts were interrupted by the pilot announcing that they were about to start the landing process. Reluctantly, Warren put his book away and fastened his seat belt. He distracted himself with looking out the window and watching the lights of the runway grow closer. He had to shut his eyes though; landing is the worst part of the flight in his opinion.

    (Hope it's all alright! :D)
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