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    Originally Posted by TehHepticOne View Post
    I like this map.. I like the layout of it but I'm honestly having some issues with it... The trees being only connected up and down and not side to side makes it seem like there is a lot of space. Try to connect them sideways... The placement of the trunks, flowers and small trees just seems random =\ Try to make them more organised unless you were purposely aiming for this effect... But overall I like this map.. =P Maybe it's cause of the tall grass and water placement but meh~
    Rating: 8.5/10

    Time for my maps

    Map 1: ROUTE 2
    Name: Unnamed as of now...
    Game: Based of a Fire red ROM
    Comments: I just wanted to see if you guys like my style and if I should continue it or not... =P

    Map 2: ROUTE 3
    Name: Unnamed as of now (again ==")....
    Game: Again, based of a Fire Red ROM
    Comments: Obviously the top parts with the dark shadow leads into a forest and below the map will be a beach..

    EDIT: Hehehe... My bad... I forgot to edit the top of ROUTE 3 so it's empty atm... =P
    i know this isn't a tile rating review, but your tiles are simply amazing, i really love the pallets you used, it makes the map look bright and full of life, xD, as for mapping, you use different combinations of trees with smaller trees to make it look more natural, i do the same as well, but you seem to do a better job at it. as for the roads, i really like how it looks kind of small but it makes me get more interested to the game, if you would have made a hack like this, it would be amazing, i rarely ever say that to people, since i don't see much hacks that impress me, but this one is one of my top favorites, i give both maps a 10/10