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    Originally Posted by TehHepticOne View Post
    Time for my maps

    Map 1: ROUTE 2
    Name: Unnamed as of now...
    Game: Based of a Fire red ROM
    Comments: I just wanted to see if you guys like my style and if I should continue it or not... =P

    Map 2: ROUTE 3
    Name: Unnamed as of now (again ==")....
    Game: Again, based of a Fire Red ROM
    Comments: Obviously the top parts with the dark shadow leads into a forest and below the map will be a beach..

    EDIT: Hehehe... My bad... I forgot to edit the top of ROUTE 3 so it's empty atm... =P
    I have to say I love the tiles you used, also your maps from my perspective are playable. The only thing that bothers me is the sideways stairs being a bit off, but other than that, this map is great! =) You should continue in mapping and possibly more.

    Edit: Hehe, I forgot the rating. 10/10

    Also here's my map from the last page, I got skipped again. ^^'
    Please rate!

    Originally Posted by Gemini Pika View Post
    The map is quite good, the layout is nice and the placement of the buildings seem perfect. The only that seems off is that grass color seems off but that's more personel preference. Overall I give your map a 8/10. Good job!

    Map Name: Helita Town
    Hack Name: None
    ROM Base: Gold
    Comments: This is the second town in my nameless hack. It has two location of interest, a magnet train station which is apart of the Omnita Rail Line and the TM Smith who hands out 3 TMs to choose from. To the south of Helita Town is Route 501 and to the left Mt.Junite.

    @PoisoNinja: The corners of the mountains are apart of the tileset, the only other one is with grass edges which would make it look really awkward on the second level of the mountain. Same with the rock edges, except they remain the same no matter what tileset is used. But I may try to see if I can fix it, but thanks for the rating. ^^