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    Originally Posted by 2Cool4Mewtwo View Post
    I have a panpour that I used to defeat the 1st gym... is it worth keeping for E4?
    Besides Oshawott (which you don't have access to anyways) Panpour/Semipour is the BEST Water type in the game, sure it starts to lack around the 2n gym but once it get's Scald and the Water Stone, it starts to pick up some weight. It can also get neat Water / Grass Coverage with Grass Knot, and belive it or not it can learn the alimighty Acrobatics, argueably the best move In-Game. It also get's Focus Blast to deal with pesky Steels and Darks. Semipour may not what it takes Type Wise, but it makes up for it with awesome coverage.