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    Originally Posted by Gemini Pika View Post
    I have to say I love the tiles you used, also your maps from my perspective are playable. The only thing that bothers me is the sideways stairs being a bit off, but other than that, this map is great! =) You should continue in mapping and possibly more.

    Edit: Hehe, I forgot the rating. 10/10

    Also here's my map from the last page, I got skipped again. '
    Please rate!
    okay,my first time rating a G\S/C map,just to ask;you can change tiles,right?
    if yes:
    add bigger trees,or just make the little ones seem random,you should probably change the rock-in-water layout too,it's kinda meh.Overall A 6/10
    if no,just scrap the bigger tree part;a 7/10.
    Now for my map:

    map name:ROUTE 2
    map game: Darkblack
    map credits:alistair,alucus,zein,kyledove and PrinceLegendario.

    map description:yes,it's a bridge,if you want to see what it started with,look in my albums.The mountain on the side is accesable after you get's an island inhabited with Metagross,because it's the only one of it's evolution line that doesn't float.if a metang evoloves there,it gets stuck on the island.