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I'm still learning the complexities of the Pokemon Dream World and would like some help choosing which Pokemon to take "home."

Here are my choices today:
  • Rattata - Male - Hustle
  • Nidoran - Male - Hustle
  • Surskit - Male - Rain Dish
  • Mareep - Female - Plus
  • Nidoran - Female - Hustle
  • Surskit - Male - Rain Dish
  • Farfetch'd - Male - Defiant
I'm guessing I should take one of the Nidorans?

Also, if the experts could share advice on how to best select Dream World Pokemon, I would appreciate it and I imagine others would, too.

I know that females are typically preferable to males since they can pass on abilities, but, beyond that, I'm all but clueless.
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