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Originally Posted by Tek7 View Post
I'm still learning the complexities of the Pokemon Dream World and would like some help choosing which Pokemon to take "home."

Here are my choices today:
  • Rattata - Male - Hustle
  • Nidoran - Male - Hustle
  • Surskit - Male - Rain Dish
  • Mareep - Female - Plus
  • Nidoran - Female - Hustle
  • Surskit - Male - Rain Dish
  • Farfetch'd - Male - Defiant
I'm guessing I should take one of the Nidorans?

Also, if the experts could share advice on how to best select Dream World Pokemon, I would appreciate it and I imagine others would, too. :)

I know that females are typically preferable to males since they can pass on abilities, but, beyond that, I'm all but clueless.
The Pokemon you pick can be picked for any reason. Because the ones that you can get at first aren't that great (not until you get about 10,000 points), I usually go with ones that I can never get ingame outside of White Forest, but that's because I'm trying to fill my Pokedex.

Put it this way - if you Dream World enough, you'll have no problem getting any of those Pokemon again.

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