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    Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
    I get what you mean, but I think they'd be better in other palettes.
    And yes, using the shading will make the maps better. :3
    Well I've started using the shaded trees and they do look better.
    Originally Posted by drew6464 View Post
    The sprite that you use now is too short, or at least his head and torso are too wide in comparison to your body height. You may want to either make him thinner, or make him taller. I suggest taller, because not only is he shorter than the girl sprite, but because making him thinner would suggest revamping the whole head part.

    EDIT: I'll make a new sprite for you if you still want one. That old one I offered you first I decided I'm going to use for a sprite comic.
    I'm limited to a 64x64 sprite. Mine is 64x64 already so there isn't much I can do with it. Besides I like my sprite the way it is.
    Originally Posted by Sora's Nobody View Post
    Seems cool, but my question is.. Why did you put the ips inside a rar file? You wanted to save space or what?
    I've packed so much content into the hack that the ips is bigger than the forum allows so I have to reduce it by compressing it into a .rar file.

    I want to thank everyone who downloaded this alpha. 71 downloads in 5 days is stupedous! I would also like to apologize for the amount of bugs in this hack. In my rush to get the alpha released on 17th, I must have missed them all. Either way I fixed all of the errors that have been slashed through. I won't release an updated alpha though, as I see no point in it - only 2 months til the 1st full beta. Headbutt Trees & Berry Trees do make a return! When you headbutt a tree either a pokemon will fall out or a bunch of berries will. The new system is quite cool really. I've also upgraded a buttload of trainer sprites to match the look of the battlegrounds and the updated pokemon sprites. I'm showcasing just a few.

    I'm not sure if the Bug Catching Contest will make a return, but I've added two new minigame/sidequests. 1st one is called Tasty's On The Go! and basically you deliver food to people all around Zinnos. Some people will pay in cash, other in a pokemon battle and some in the form of useful & rare items. The 2nd mini game is called Who You Gonna Call?. This is an exterminator minigame. Basically you go around Zinnos exterminating ghosts/rodents/pests in people's houses. It's a chance to find rare items and fight Pokemon that you wouldn't normally find early into the game. Both minigames will be available in the first beta.


    Next update will come soon and bring more screens and good news. Everyone keep downloading and playing the alpha, that way you have a headstart when the beta comes out!

    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.