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    Finally got around to posting this episode review that I made weeks ago. -.-

    Review of BW004: The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice


    Iris should stop picking on Ash. If she went to Kanto, she wouldn't know Pewter City from Lavender Town.


    -Darn it...stupid title spoiler of Tepig's appearance. >.<

    -Hmm...the Battle Clubs are akin to Battle Tents, in a way... I wish they could be featured in the games with a unique battle mechanic...

    -Ooh, battle music! Loved how it raised the intensity even as the viewer merely watched the PokeDex readings. I'm guessing this is a rearrangment of the BW Trainer Battle? (haven't listened to BW tracks yet)

    -Servine's legs sure look looks somewhat alluring, though.

    -That Servine was a disgrace to all Pokemon of the Snivy line bearing the Smugleaf moniker. It lost to a WATER GUN attack that is supposed to be "not very effective" against it.

    -I like how Wotter can be all fun and games, yet its evolved form Dewott means serious business. I don't think I've ever seen a Dewott smile - I think it's the only second stage of a starter that always looks serious. Its voice wasn't what I was expected, but it seems nice.

    -I thought Don George's voice would be deeper and with a Spanish accent or something...seems alright, though. SO glad they kept the original Japanese name!

    -And now we have that brief music as Iris explains possible matchups...seems...interesting.

    -I like the design of the Trainer with the Dewott...

    -Aww! ROFL Wotter lets itself out of its Poke Ball and claps its hands like a Seel! So cute!!

    -Hey don't push aside Pikachu like that, Wotter! You can prove your stuff later!

    -ROFL Part 2 at Wotter's expression when the opposing Trainer sent out his Dewott and Wotter decided to reconsider and push Pikachu to the forefront! I am loving its cute voice!

    -More battle music! Yay! I hope this partially previews BW's actual videogame tracks, because these anime tracks seem pretty good.

    -O_O Jeez! PIkachu slammed its Volt Tackle right into the wall as Dewott dodged! That's GOTTA hurt!

    -"Exit, quick!" -James
    LOL...I love how the line was rendered. Reminds me of a Bug Maniac in Emerald's Battle Tower who says "SEE HOW FAST I RUN AWAY!" when losing, after having bragged about his speed before the battle began.

    -I like the facial design of the guy who was typing at the computer, running/playing the security camera video.

    -Ash is able to search specific species with just 3 touch screen presses! Why can't we search that easily? (still annoyed at BW lacking some of HGSS's touchscreen functionality)

    -The mistaken Umbreon identity seems neat...

    -The guitar bits when the Team Rocket trio are first seen peering behind the wall sounds nice. Still can't believe this is "Pokemon"; I'm quite used to the 4Kids' "suspense" and "peaceful day" tracks. The music when Umbreon!Meowth is first chased sounds quirky and neat as well.

    -Oh gosh I'm loving Wotter's random Poke Ball openings. Similar to Misty's Psyduck! And Wotter looks so cute and hyper as well with its facial expressions! :3 At least this proves that Pokemon are aware of near-proximity happenings in the world while they're still in their Poke Balls.

    -Aww...and then Wotter yawns cutely, waddles over to a food bowl with cute sound effects, and munchs on a widdle Pokemon food piece! And then it goes ballistic with the food! LOL at its facial expression when Pikachu tugs it and how it effortlessly tosses Pikachu aside. What is "supposed" to be a Level 5 Pokemon doing all this. XD

    -LOL (but Pikachu has my sympathy) of Pikachu getting smacked on the head by boxes, its hilarious facial expression when the pan hit it, and the box randomly covering it at the end! And Wotter just goes on nibbling food!

    -THANK GOODNESS the Who's That Pokemon? segment came back! Apparently, the initial airing of BW002 accidentally left it out, but it's been restored in subsequent airings of BW002, IIRC.

    -Oh GOSH. There's a shot of malnourished Tepig, and mere seconds later you see a sharply contrasting image of a jovial, carefree Tepig. That made Tepig's situation more striking, IMO.

    -"Slow down! I Wanna catch it!" -Iris
    I like the way that line was spoken...

    -LOL at Tepig's facial expression right before snorting Ash with smoke.

    -LOL at Don George and his assistants crying at the discovery of an "Umbreon". However, "the VERY FIRST Umbreon in the Unova region" EVER? That's stretching it a bit too much.

    -LOL at Meowth casually walking away from Don George's group...

    -"Excuse me, Battle Manager. Wouldn't a talking Meowth be considered rare as well?" Battle Club Assistant
    "You're right! RARE, INDEED!" Don George's sudden but delayed realization *Meowth scurries off*
    *shot of Battle Manager and his Assistants being dumbfounded, then Don George going "NOOOOOOOO!" and everyone crying again*
    ROFL...I think that was one of the episode's funniest moments for me. :cer_laugh:

    -ROFL as the camera panned/spiraled away from a unconscious, swirly-eyed Pikachu. You constantly see Pikachu being BA and active, so IMO this rare moment of it being seen KO'd after an amusing event and just laying there like a motionless rat/mouse/rodent is very peculiar and funny.

    -UGH...WHY do people keep on abandoning Fire Pokemon starters? Complete IDIOTS! And if I ever found that Pokemon Trainer who abandoned Tepig, I would team up with Iris and smack him into oblivion for leaving Tepig in a malnourished state like that! That would "teach him a lesson he'd never forget"...and I'd likely use my Emboar as well. :cer_pissed:

    -Wotter really needs to stop posing and all when using Water Gun...kind of invokes Transformation Is A Free Action, or something similiar.

    -How the eff did Team Rocket get a hold of a water-resistant, LEVITATING Forcefield?!!?!

    -The part where Tepig looked briefly bipedal right before it released Ember seemed odd...

    -O_O See, this event has officially certified the Emboar line (particularly that Tepig member) as BA. If Ember from a little Tepig like that can cause an effect that looks like EXPLOSION, imagine how powerful a Blast Burn would be from that Tepig when it becomes a Emboar.

    -That Ember Explosion sure looked pur-ty.

    -And Team Rocket just flies off on gliders into the sunset, unscathed??!?!?!?! They are really getting some BA escapes... :\

    -I love the tone Tepig used when saying "Te-Piiiiig" right after Ash said "Tepig, thanks a lot. You helped saved Pikachu!" It sounded like a wondrous bell tone.

    -Aww...Iris getting dissed by Pokemon two episodes in a row! That sucks! Shame to see her dismayed... And she's cute (her gaze is amazing) with a nice personality to boot; WHY DOES NO POKEYS LIEK HER EXCEPT KIBAGO?!???

    -I loved the PokeBall button flash+wiggle, then the beautiful sparkle of stars when it "sealed" the Pokemon capture (just like those "2 stars" that got added in Emerald's Poke Ball wiggle animation when a Pokemon was confirmed to be caught). Nice touches; haven't seen a pretty Pokemon capture like that in a long time. Did I mention how much I LOVE the sounds made when Pokemon return to and get sent out from their Poke Balls? Most Wonderful Sound, indeed.

    -Uh...wrong music!! As in, the music playing when Ash picks up the Poke Ball. Isn't that supposed to play after Trainer battle victories?? Should've been the music that plays after Pokemon captures, but whatever...

    -ROFL at Pikachu trying to explain how it got trapped in the box! The forceful "Pikas" that indicated boxes falling enhanced it so much. "Pika-Pika, Pika-Pika, Pi-KA! PiKA!PiKA! Pika-Pika, Pi-Kaaaaaaa! Pi-Kaaaaaaaa!" Some of the best Pikas I've ever heard on the show! XD

    -Oh gosh...creepy ominous Giovanni at the end is creepy ominous. Can't wait for BW004!

    5/5 enjoyment. Hilarity abounds, and a few of the battling sequences were pretty nice as well.

    Also, the instrumental credit music for this episode was nice...
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