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    Review of BW011, A Home For Dwebble!


    -Title is actually OK.

    -GOSH Iris was so cute eating that sandwich. :3

    -Dwebble sans shell is a bit weird. Voice is cute, though, as are the voices of the upcoming Dwebble.

    -Axew's cutesy's so weird anticipating that Pokemon becoming a BA Haxorus.

    -"Maybe they're friends!" -Iris
    Dwebble gets thoroughly hit by other enemy Dwebble.
    Yikes...that was harsh.

    -Ouch! Rear-ended by another Dwebble!
    --GRRRRRRRR Now Dwebble got its shell stolen and it gets used as a protective trophy! >:[ I! HATE! THIEVES! :cer_pissed:

    -I love how Iris just swiftly leaps forward in front of Ash, Cilan, and Dwebble! She's like a freaking ninja! :3

    -Ouch! Accidental counterattack against Pikachu and Dwebble!

    -0_0 Team Rocket has officially reached ninja status by moving so fast. All the cars did were pass by and they're instantly gone! The effect seemed neat, though.


    -Thank you, Mr. Captain Obvious James.

    -DAN GREEN!! :D Pierce's ring with a built-in holographic projector was very cool.

    -Antimony! That's an element on the periodic table! :]

    -Pidove gains use again! XD

    -Poor Pansage...and Dwebble didn't mean to strike it so harshly.

    -And Iris possesses herbal knowledge comparative to a Herbalist? She gets more amazing by the minute. 0_0

    -Aww...Iris looked so cute when she turned after Ash complimented her. was so heartwarming how Dwebble stayed up to watch over Pansage. The blanket motion was quite touching. :o

    -TEAM ROCKET. FREAKING NINJAS. @[email protected]

    -They are getting quite high-tech...

    -Aww; Pansage looked so cute jumping up like that.

    -LOL Ash and Cilan dress up quick. XD

    -LOL silly Axew. Nice job on finding the foe Dwebble, though.

    -Gosh I hate those stone rear-ends on Dwebble.

    -Dwebble's a persistent little bug, though I wish it used Pikachu's help.

    -Aw..a disappointing KO and the Foe Dwebble dig away...

    -Stupid greedy Dwebble; LOL.

    -X-SCISSOR IN YO FACE! *slams into concrete* LOL.

    -K-O! Way to go, Dwebble! Clever and lulz-worthy Rock Slide plan. XD


    -ROFL, Foe Dwebble got stuck between a rock and a hard place (which was another rock). XD

    -X-SCISSOR IN YO FACE AGAIN! K-O! Foe Dwebble's blasting off again! :D

    -GRRR That stupid head Foe Dwebble is stuffing its face, munching on Pokemon food! Well, it's TASTING PAYBACK TIME!!

    -The battle begins! And Foe Dwebble rocketeers into the ground!

    -LOL at the stop screech. GAH, and then Foe Dwebble just whacks Dwebble with its own home! >:[

    -Isn't Smack Down supposed to be a physical smack, not a golden earthy blast? Looks cool, though.

    -LOL at Pikachu and Axew's frantic dance.

    -RIGHT TURN! Haha, stupid Foe Dwebble, getting your stone shell stuck in the path's low ceiling.

    -X-SCISSOR IN YO FACE 4 TEH THIRD TIME! Crap, counterattacked! Eyes looked odd.

    -SHELL SMASH!!!! My gosh, that animation looked so awesome. ANIME POWER-UP TIME!

    -GlowingAura!Dwebble used X-Scissor!
    Critical hit!
    It's super-effective!
    Foe Dwebble lost its home! :cer_laugh:
    Foe Dwebble is now nekkid!
    Foe Dwebble fled! ROFL


    -LOL a seemingly-"permanent" farewell and Dwebble just tags along.


    -I love it when Pokemon just bop themselves into Poke Balls. So cute.

    -YES!! NO "WHAT A KID" FROM IRIS! OH, HAPPY DAY! (and she looked great, too. )

    3/5 for the episode. It was OK, and I loved when Dwebble got the upper hand near the episode's end, but at times it felt like this conflict dragged a bit too long...

    Originally Posted by King Of The Blues View Post
    Dwebble seems like a pretty cool Pokemon. guy
    eh shell smashez N eks-sizorz, taeks bak hiz howce, and doesnt afraid of anything.

    Originally Posted by Bluerang1 View Post
    Dwebble was annoying. It should have let them help it in the first place, I had enough of seeing that hideous rock-less body.
    :cer_laugh: Yeah, shell-less Dwebble did look creepy at times. >.< And I wish it had accepted assistance earlier; the pursuit for the foe Dwebble could have ended so much faster with a simple Thunderbolt from Pikachu.
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