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    Um, I guess the correct answer was kind of gotten um, you guys kind of got confused.

    Okay, when I said "It refers to two different Pokemon." I didn't mean the riddle could descibe two different Pokemon but rather that one line would talk about one of the Pokemon and the next line would talk about the other.
    If you don't get what I mean just look at my explaination:

    In the beginning, I am called a lady.
    Goldeen is nicknamed the "Water Queen".

    By the end I am called a sir.
    Seaking has King in it's name.

    But I am always know as royalty.
    Both King and Queen are Royal terms.

    In the beginning I dance.
    Goldeen often looks like it's dancing in the water.

    By the end I dig.
    Seaking bores into rcoks.

    But I do both acts at different times of the year.
    Goldeen tend to swim gracefully during mating season while Seaking bores into rocks during it's mating season. However, both of them have mating seasons during different times of the year.

    In the beginning, I go up with the flowers.
    Goldeen goes up stream in the Spring to mate.

    By the end I go down with the leaves.
    Seaking would go back down stream after it has done breeding in the fall (assuming, of course, that they don't die after breeding like Salmon do, which I hadn't thought of when I first made this riddle).

    But in the end more beginnings will appear.
    By the end of the mating seaon more Goldeens will be born (also, if you hadn't figured it out already, a begining in this riddle actually means Goldeen while a end really just means Seaking).

    So, I'm giving a point to starlightmint72, even though she broke a rule and didn't get it entriely correct. Noramlly I wouldn't do this but you guys weren't quite getting it and I wanted to throw a bone since it's just the first riddle.

    Anyways, next riddle:

    I eat, I sleep and train all day,
    I do this all while in a cave,
    I'm tied up in almost every way.
    Some say I'm bulky,
    some say I'm gutsy,
    but I am always very messy.

    (From now on, the riddles I post will be just one Pokemon, unless I change my mind.)
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