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Originally Posted by thepsynergist View Post
For grass pokemon, there haven't been any melon based Pokemon, or fruit in general. Closest we got was Tropius, but he's more of a dinosaur. Maybe make a Pokemon that starts out as grapes and evolves into wine, or a Pokemon that starts out as a kiwi and evolve into horned fruit. I dunno. Try that.

For electric, I don't think anyone has come up with the idea of an electric eel. It could be water/electric.
i agree with psy, you should make fruit pokemon, i have an idea for one, basicly you have a little pokemon, who's eye's are showing through the fruit, and its evolution has its head outside the fruit, but the main body is still inside.

as for electric, an electric eel, has already been done, not just as a fakemon, but as a real pokemon, in bw. but i have no idea's right now. peace.
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