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    I just have to add my Pokemon and the RP sample. (Or edit if you thing something is bad.)

    Name: Xavier Ray Harrah

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Personality: Xavier is the reserved type, not usually interacting with other people and keeping quiet. Due to not much interaction he has become very observant of environments, pokemon, people, etc. , often reading people as if they were an open book. His father being a scientist and his observance has caused him to become an excellent trainer and strategist. He loves his mother very much and will usually try to help around the house, when father is away. The only real companions he has ever made has been pokemon, so this is the only time when he might actually talk and smile. This has caused him to have zero tolerance for pokemon abusers.

    He absolutely hates people who are loud and most things that are loud. They give him a headache. He can't really talk to people, unless those people are family. Although he views his father more as a scientist instead as a father. This is because all conversations between him and his father were about Pokemon and science. Whenever Xavier would ask him about something personal his father would avoid it and lead to yet another science discussion. And that most of his knowledge came from his father.

    Appearance: He is white skinned with only a small tan. Xavier stands roughly 6'2 matching the muscle for the size. He sports a minor six pack. He has deep brown hair and eyes. His mother likes to compare the color to that of milk chocolate. His hair is shaggy and falls just over his eyes. His eyes are very sharp, but calm as well if you can catch a glimpse of them.

    The normal attire for Xavier is a black T-shirt with a red symbol of Omega on his right shoulder. He wears a pair of black pants to match the shirt. As far as winter wear goes he wears a Heavy coat which is silver with a pokeball symbol on the chest. He wears white winter pants with self insulation and is a tad big on him. And again sports a pair of black gloves with wrist cuffs to keep snow out. And has a pair of insulated boots which have small spikes on the end to climb and hike if the chance comes.

    History: As a child 1-5 Xavier mainly grew up like any other kid. Although was shy, but he would always try to at least approach someone and hopefully try to be friends. But one event completely changed his outlook on humanity. Xavier was walking home that night from the local playground not too far from his house. A man was hitting his chikorita. Xavier of course wouldn't stand for it. Being naive as he was at that age he immediatelly yelled to quit it. The man immediately got up and beat the tar out of Xavier on the shoulder leaving him in the pain. From that day on Xavier deemed that humans ARE evil and decided to try and stay away from humanity leading to him to be EXTREMELY quiet and to love pokemon further. He then aquired skills that he has today.

    During the ages of 6-17 he then put more and more time into studying and learning from his mom how to battle as she was a trainer in her childhood beating 4 of the elite four of Kanto. Xavier constantly went on trips to Mt. Silver to his father's research facility. This is where most of the knowledge concerning pokemon came from.He has become a excellent trainer because of practicing with his mother's pokemon. She thinks he is an excellent trainer as he has almost beat her in a battle. For his 14th birthday she gave him a very rare pokemon - A Charmander!

    Pokemon 1 –

    Species: Charmeleon

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Omega

    Background: Xavier had received this pokemon as a Charmander on his 14th birthday as a reward for finally beating his mother in a one on one pokemon battle. In the beginning Xavier had detested the Pokemon because of how loud the Pokemon was. But after Xavier noticing how much the fire type cared for him, Xavier began talking to him and spending a lot of time with him in battles and out of battles. About a year ago Omega evolved in a battle against a passerby trainer.

    Omega is almost an opposite of Xavier. Very active and outspoken that used to give Xavier migraines. He is an amazing battler fighting throughout the entire match following Xavier's every command until the end. And also he absolutely HATES losing so don't expect the match any easier when he's fatiqued.

    Moveset (up to 6):
    Flamethrower (TM Move), Flare Blitz (Egg Move), Smokescreen, Dragonrage, Fire Fang, Growl.

    Pokémon 2 –

    Species: Ursaring

    Gender: Female

    Nickname: Luna

    Background: Only a month after Xavier received Omega he had spotted a pokemon that looked as if it was lost and very young. As if it was hatched recently. Because it was a tediursa and Ursarings never leave their young it was obvious at what had happened. The mother was caught before the pokemon had hatched. Luna then spotted Xavier and ran up to Xavier and glomped him. The teddiursa wouldn't leave his side so Xavier just decided to catch her. And he did just that. She also evolved in a battle against a passing trainer.

    Personality: She is quite shy around people at first which often confuses people now that she is a large Ursaring. But once she knows you she'll be one of the friendliest pokemon in the world. Not loud and outgoing like Omega, but she'll help you out in any way possible.

    Moveset (up to 6): Close Combat (Egg Move), Hyper Beam (TM Move), Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Sweet Scent, Slash.

    RP Sample: Taken From Id Est Damnum Innocentiae

    Xavier shielded his face from the leaking sunlight between the forest trees while Omega had paused his peaceful hum. Why he stayed in that one spot, we'll never know (xD). After a couple seconds his vision cleared and he took in the sight before him. . A girl his age with emerald green eyes, jet black hair, a slim body, and just the right pale skin with chi's. Some could say she fit the view of a goddess, but Xavier being Xavier didn't care. For she was a human. A pitiful,pitiful, human. Just frikkin great.

    Xavier stepped out until he was a couple meters from the tree. He onlooked the girls from the base with an emotionless face - mu ch like the human female's own expression. He then answered her with a blank expression matching her face, "My name is Xavier Ray Harrah. May I ask your name?" Beside the teenage boy, Omega onlooked the girl's with a cautious expression. For all they know she could be some sort of psycho freak!

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