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    Name: Angel Morgan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Angel is about 5'7'', extremely pale white skin, hip-length raven-black hair, beautiful expressive blue eyes that sometimes shift into different shades of blue depending on her mood. She has a model-like body, like the ones you see on the cover of a magazine. She isn't big on dresses, so she wears dark colored jeans and tee-shirts.She puts her hair up when it gets in her way, which is usually all the time.

    Personality: Angel is a loyal girl, who's also protective. She's also very nervous about a lot of things. She's proud and brave and a bit bossy. Most people think she's stand-offish, a girl who's hard to get and harder to please, which is sadly not true. She has a romantic, loving side that she doesn't show anyone, except her best friend Mike, who is 17 , 6'' with shaggy, messy brown hair and brooding brown eyes.

    History: Angel's parents died when she was 6 years old, leaving her orphaned. Her best friend Mike and his family took her in and raised her as their own. Angel thinks of Mike as a brother and her best friend. She found MorningGlory in the forest, and took her to the pokemon center, where Mike was waiting. Angel looked at Mike with big, blue eyes and he crumbled, letting her keep MorningGlory. She trained with Mike until she and MorningGlory were strong enough to battle gym leaders. Now she's living in Sinnoh, in Eterna City close to the forest.

    Pokemon 1 –
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: BlueStar
    Personality: Glaceon loves attention, and will cry until she gets pet or picked up. She's calm and friendly, getting along with every pokemon she meets
    History: Angel found Glaceon in an over-turned trash bin. She had been abandoned, like MorningGlory. Angel, having the heart she does, took BlueStar in and has become her trainer.
    Attacks: Hail, Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Double Team, Ice Beam, Iron Tail

    Pokemon 2 –
    Species: Leafeon
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: MorningGlory
    Personality: MorningGlory is a shiny Leafeon, with brighter greens than most other Leafeons. She loves to sleep next to BlueStar, but often times has to move away to avoid being frozen
    History: MorningGlory had been abandoned in Eterna forest on a stormy night by her original trainer. Angel found her laying under a bush, soaking wet and terrified. She took off her jacket and wrapped her up in it and went to the Pokemon Center in Eterna City. She took her home after that and she's been with her ever since
    Attacks: Giga Drain, Razor Leaf, Iron Tail, Double team,Tail Whip and Protect

    RP Sample: "Are you sure you've got everything?", Mike asked. "Yes I do, for the 10th time", Angel replied, putting her brush into her bag. "I can travel to Unova with you...", he started. "Mike, I'm 16 years old. I've traveled all over Sinnoh by myself, I can handle going to Unova. I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm a grown woman",She said, getting annoyed. "I'll call you when I get there, ok?" "Remind me again why your going to Unova?", he asked, handing her some socks. "Because this is important! I can make a difference and help save not just Sinnoh, but every region! I know I can do this.", she said, closing her bag. Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching our destination. Please prepare for landing..Angel groaned softly. She didn't do well on planes, so she slept the entire flight. She blinked, yawned and stretched. Her pokemon were in their pokeballs. She looked out her window and gasped at how beautiful Unova was. She hadn't seen such beautiful scenery before. *I wonder if I'll make a new friend?*, She thought, putting her bag in her lap. Mistralton City was only a few minutes away.

    Hope I get accepted!

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