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Blizzagon used Arctic Claw!
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Thanks both Psy and flamemaster!

I took your suggestion to mind, and I chose a watermelon as the fruit. Thanks to hourglasshero, it along with its evolutions look awesome! Once the sprites have been completed, I'll post them. However, let's get on to their PokéDex descriptions!

Mischeed Grass/Dark
Prankster Pokémon

Mischeed's are devious little Pokémon that enjoy playing harmless pranks on humans and fellow Pokémon alike. They have been known to launch a powerful Bullet Seed attack when threatened.

Bloomvil Grass/Dark
Punk Pokémon

Bloomvil, the evolved form of Mischeed. These creatures are nothing but punks who steal what they want. While they do not look fast, nor are they, they use their root-like arms and tail to trip up its victim.

Thievelon Grass/Dark
Robber Pokémon

This Pokémon is a notorious thief. It uses its natural appearance as camouflage then, when opportunity presents itself, it strikes! It has been known to consume children by accident.
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