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    Shirk Town truly lived up to its name – the town of stone. Well, ok, maybe it really didn’t, since with that sort of name people would think of massive boulder’s carved into homes or even mountains hammered and dug into to create homes. Shirk town was a place made of stone paste, and it was honestly a strange sight to Shaun. He had lived under smoked filled skies and trashy little allies with equally trashy homes.

    The laboratory, however, was another story. Three stories high and all made out of silver steel that glinted with a seemingly deadly light. There were high fences surrounding the frontal area, and Shaun had no doubt that there were fences in the far back where pokemon were held. On either side of the large entrance was a statue of an Arcanine in a sitting position. A guard dog through and through, even in stone.

    The locked gate had already been opened, but flying above the laboratory were a few Fearow that had metallic claws attached to their talons. On such a day, where rare pokemon were being given out to novices, there would always be attempted theft, and thus such precautions were insured.

    Shaun wasn’t the first one to arrive – not that he believed he would – but for the first time, he began to feel slightly intimidated. He had a single year to get all eight badges of his region without screwing up. These kids that surrounded him, walking through the gate with laughter and conversation, were going into this with open arms. Yea, he doubted these spoiled kids could ever last in the real world – the true world where no one, not even a pokemon, watched your back. And, for the first time, Shaun was beginning to wonder if he could really do this.

    He didn’t know a thing about pokemon. Yea, he knew of them, but had never had to be with them on an intimate level of bonding or whatever. All he had were the wild pests or the occasional beast that sent him running. Now, he had to deal with them in the wild, not to mention his own. Crap, he would also have to capture some too.

    “Let’s go,” Taylor said, clapping Shaun on the back. His voice was serious and body stiff. He was back in cop mode as he made Shaun walk in front of him and into the towering lab, and he held just the simplest of pity for the boy. “Don’t do anything rash,” Taylor warned quietly, walking past a few staring teens. Not a single one of them had their parents there to babysit them.

    “Screw you,” Shaun growled, shrugging the offending hand off and all but stamping past a blond girl staring quite blatantly at his attire.

    “Shaun,” Taylor growled, once again grabbing the boy and twisting him around to face him. The boy reacted instantly and pushed the man back, body upright and proud, arms a little spread in a ‘What? Come get some, *******’ look. Typical punk, Taylor thought bitterly. “Keep walking,” he told the passerby’s that had stopped to see what was happening. A flash of his badge had them walking “Keep your cool,” he growled lowly. “There’s a commissioner coming to oversee your leave and explain a few rules, but he and the pokemon professor have no hope for this little experiment and care little for attitude, so for once in your life, hold your tongue.”

    Shaun grinned like the bastard he was and stuck out his tongue and grabbed hold of it.

    “Funny,” Taylor said with a sigh, truly looking tired.

    The two finally entered the lab. It was much less intimidating inside, but a slight growl to Shaun’s side had him jumping back with a snarl and nearly knocking down a brown haired boy with square glasses. A Growlithe stood guard with a typical brute security guy. The man even had sunglasses on despite the fact that he was inside. Just like all those other douche bags.

    “Officer,” the man greeted, voice deep as he saw Taylor flash his badge. He gave Shaun a sneer. “And here’s the little delinquent. Not hard to tell, especially with Fang’s quick reaction. Good boy,” the man praised to the cliché named dog pokemon.

    “This is Shaun,” Taylor told the man, voice cold. “And I would appreciate a level of professionalism. You’re here to set an example, but if you can’t handle that I can find another escort to the commissioner and professor.

    The man flushed a horrible radish color, much to Shaun’s amusement. He even deigned Taylor a smirk. “Tha… that won’t be necessary,” the man said, aware of all the whispers and giggles from the surrounding teens that had paused to stare at the scene. “If you’ll follow me,” he said strictly, glaring at Shaun as if it were his fault. The Growlithe even growled at Shaun for his master, which made it all the more amusing. He flashed the man the finger when he had his back turned.

    “If you’ll all follow me,” a feminine voice called out to the rest of the teens as Shaun walked away with Taylor by his side.

    They entered a private office with a large desk with bundles of papers about in neat piles, four separate computer screens off to the side of the large plush chair sitting behind the wooden desk and woman sitting on said chair. Her hair was up in a tight bun, not a single auburn hair out of place. Her lips were pressed in a strict line as she gazed at Shaun with cold silver eyes. Upon his arrival she stood and went next to a stiff looking man wearing an extremely wealthy suite with slicked back brown hair. He too gazed at Shaun with a cold look.

    Shaun gave the man a strange stare. He looked a little familiar.

    “Officer Taylor,” the woman greeted with a nod. “I am Professor Leef,” she said, eyes glancing at Shaun’s snort coldly. “I would have preferred to the two of you have been here earlier than those that deserve to be here.”

    Again Shaun snorted. “Not like I wanna be here,” he mumbled under his breath, peering haughtily at the female professor through thick eye liner eyes.

    “Be that as that may, Mr. Tess,” Professor Leef continued coldly, “you are here. I am heavily against it. Dealing with pokemon is a large responsibility—”

    “And that’s why Kanto give out pokemon to ten years olds,” Shaun muttered with a sarcastic grin.

    “—and very few are truly fit to deal with them, and those that succeed are those that truly want – no, strive to be with them.” Damn, this woman could freeze the ocean. But at least she had nice tits, Shaun thought as he stared. “However, the wishes of many pokemon professors, as well as my own, were ignored and commanded by the government’s scientists that have no emotional attachments to anything to go along with this experiment.”

    Shaun stared with a bored look. Yea, yea, he got it. No one liked the thought of kids with one foot in jail being given a chance to do what many others can only ever dream of doing. How could such people be trusted with the most important creatures of their planet?

    “There will be very strict rules.” Professor Leef gestured for the harsh looking man to proceed.

    “I was already told the rules,” Shaun said, voice uncaring. He could feel Taylor tensing up. Shaun knew the man was trying to send him mental waves to keep his trap shut.

    “Then you’ll hear them again,” the commission said imperiously, eyes meeting Shaun with a gaze that told the boy he considered him less than the grime he stepped on. “The first rule is to keep you from doing what you shouldn’t have done in the first place.” Was it Shaun’s imagination, or was there a slight growl to the man’s voice? “You are to do absolutely no drugs, and if given prescriptions it must be called in at the nearest station or to Apala station.”

    Shaun just stared, face creased with boredom and teen fury.

    “Rule two: Upon entry of town, city or village, you must report to the nearest police station at once. If you have not done so and been within the city for the first twenty-four hours or more you will get a warning. You have three warnings – each one requiring a full four days up to a week and a half in jail depending on the fault at hand. After the third warning you will be removed of your pokemon and sent back to your home town where the original penalty will be issued immediately."

    The commissioner paused and looked up at the security officer with the Growlithe. “Proceed to put the tracking device on Mr. Tess, Mr. Arkly.”

    The guard, now known as Mr. Arkly, nodded importantly and brought out a black ankle cuff and strutted toward Shaun.

    “I will do it,” Taylor said coldly, watching Shaun look murderous. “He’s my responsibility, after all.” Mr. Arkly shrugged and tossed the device to Taylor, whom caught it swiftly. “Jeans up, Shaun,” Taylor said softly, all coldness gone.

    With a furious glare, Shaun lifted his leg, flinching heavily as the device snapped shut on his left ankle. ****ers, he thought savagely.

    “I have rules of my own,” Professor Leef said declared suddenly. “If there is to be any abuse, physical or mental, Mr. Tess, I will assure you that you will be locked up before you could even say pokemon.” Her face was absolutely acid. “I don’t care how small, or how little warnings you get, I will take the pokemon away from you myself. Understood?”

    Shaun stared a bit impassively, not at all intimidated by this woman. “Crystal,” he sneered.

    The professor stared at him, gaze boring into him with that threat. “Then we shall proceed,” she said, body stiff and hating. The woman cared deeply for pokemon, and if this boy dared lay a hand on an innocent pokemon all because of her, she would never forgive herself.

    And Shaun followed behind, feeling as if he were dragging a ball and chain.
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