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Originally Posted by Caliban View Post
sho neewaysh i shed i wud writ stoofs don abou tom'sh shapta, hmm?
bu' i wosh troooooooooble have coz tommyboy granmark more goody than marshinman an i's not ewesda zat.
shpindas foe tea world!
Tom agrees.
Apparently PC doesn't like the idea of me attempting to confuse fictional characters and small, cuddly animals. Or is Venus a small, cuddly animal? o.O
Uh...I don't think so. =(
k, so the first thing is the FIRE.
How do you light the sea on FIRE? I mean, I can see how you could light Duncan's lawn on FIRE (Entei), or set a Tailow and a person on FIRE (petrol and FIRE-type attacks), and Ponyta are on FIRE already.
But how the hell do you light the *ocean* on FIRE?
See, I'm going to have to draw a picture to work this out now. Expect picture of things on FIRE to turn up at some stage.
Shall do! (It probably can make sense...somehow. Or maybe if there was an oil spill...although it'd be the oil on fire not the ocean technically).
But Johnson just saved him (albeit by accident) from being arrested! Surely they are now the best of friends?
Doesn't change the fact that Wes finds him annoying. =p
Yeah, I love how confused you made Wes by bringing Rui and Tom down to The Under. Is that Shroomish even Tom's? And where did he get that traffic cone from?

Maybe Tom is secretly part of Orre's road police department! :o
No, the Shroomish actually is in the game and belongs to the Kids Grid. It...doesn't do anything in the game though (not even a battle). And Tom is a part of a lot of things. ;p
This is actually as far as I managed to play on Colosseum, because I only ever played it at a friend's house and he didn't have any space for me to save. xD
Aww, that sucks.
Megg and Bitt = Megabit?
Yeah...Genius Sonority likes its puns. And weird names too.
Those BASTARDS! They managed to actually encounter a Cacnea? @[email protected]
If it makes you feel any better they didn't feel that lucky with the encounter. =p
I've been thinking about this lady a lot, actually. What type has water as its one weakness? Because Ground is weak to other things, Fire is weak to other things and Rock is also weak to things aside from Water. Is she, like, ??? type or something?
The Stupid type Maybe she has a typing, not just one type?
And is the "BUT I'M THE MAYOR" house-stealing lady related to her? xD
Possibly... XD
Detective Johnson is no longer on the case.
This comment amused me. XD
For some reason, the Spinarak actually made me laugh more than I did at any other thing in this chapter. xD
To be honest that comment was one of the last things I added to the chapter in edits, heh.
Either Tom is writing this or you probably meant "simply".
Tom was feeling very excitable and wanted to start already. =(
Now I see how this ties in with Tom's Retelling. xD
Although fire *was* legitimately involved in supamunna's advuntisemunts this time.
Yeah, I had the idea before that chapter had been half-written.
Anyway, that was a fun read (as usual) and I'm looking forward to your next chapter.
Glad you enjoyed! Cheers for the review!