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    Another question (sorry if I have too many questiuns)

    If I were to battle the Champion with my new team (I can't now because I have two that are not at level 70 yet) and he brings out his Volcarona and I brought out my Hydreigon.. who would go first?

    I ask because with my old team, I was able to beat it with my Sesmitoad with surf. But when I did him again, it actually BEAT me. and I'm WATER! It's always beaten my Semsitoad mostly because of speed and stuff and I always have to switch to Emboar to finish the job.

    For me new team, I don't want a repeat of what happens to my water Pokemon. So I won't bring out Jellicent but rather Hydreigon since I was able to beat Cheren's Haxous with her because she was faster. But I want to know if Hydreigon's speed is better than Volcarona's. If it is.. then I have a better chance of OHKOing it.