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    Granted but grumpigs mom discovered you ate her child whom she loves very much and plots her lifelong revenge, she gathers many pokemon to help her with her plan to DESTROY you! So its 3years later and your walking to the store "lalalalalal falalalalala" and all of the sudden a diglett pops out of the ground and you trip into a hole which was dug by 32 dugtrio and you keep falling to the Earths core where a Heatran catches you so now your saved but you are miles below the earths surface and scared out of your mind, a Skarmory flies down through the hole and grabs you, the Skarmory takes you back to its nest, which is made of barbed wire where you sit for an hour whilst the skarmory finds some salt and vinegar to poor on your scars, you cry in pain until a Venusaur grabs you with its vines and throws you through the forrest, your body breaking trees, you hit the web of a Spinarak and sit there while 5weedle poke you, and you get poisoned, they drag you to the Clefairy sitting in the middle of the forrest where she heals you, so now you have went through all that pain only to be healed, a Charizard flies by and takes a big bite out of your leg and now, with 1 leg you get flown to the home of the Grumpigs mother, you are forced to eat the Stew made from the corpse of your Parents, until you vomit, now they throw you into a pile of vomit and punch you until your blacked out, you awaken on a small 5 by 5 foot island in the middle of the ocean.

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