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    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    If GameFreak stole the name then that would mean they come on to Pokecommunity, and in that case Pokecommunity would've had to be closed down probably.

    Anyway R0bert, this is looking pretty nice so far, although the mapping could definitely be doing with some work, and that grass tile has got to go. Maybe using HGSS styled grass? I was using those same tiles ages ago in I/S and HGSS styled grass worked out a lot better. Title screen is decent, but maybe a smaller/better font? More scripts please. And the one big fail. Sorry, but honestly, you and your friend just randomly decide one day to become Pokemon Trainers? Guy randomly gives you a Pokemon? Could be doing with a lot of work. Btw I know where your Mother is. For the features, you've said RTC and Seasons. Ok, with that smexy new tool seasons are easy, but for the RTC, what are you really going to do with it? RTC imo is better when it is used for time-based events, however you say you cannot script. For the no Pokedex...just don't set the flag. And the whole sexism thing, why not just give the player a choice of two different outfits? Anyway, hope to see some more of this soon
    Yeah...story needs some a lot of work.
    I can't script,true.wanna script for me?
    ass for the grass,I used it to begin with,but it takes too much space in the 1st tileset,the animations will look crappy and it takes too much time to map with it.
    If you don't have a pokedex,what will happen when you catch a pokémon?
    outfits,good idea,but how do you edit the multichoice?(Boy/girl)
    And you shall see more.I'm inserting some very nice tiles right now,I can post some screenies tomorrow.
    BTW,you don't know where my mom is.