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Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
Yeah...story needs some a lot of work.
I can't script,true.wanna script for me?
ass for the grass,I used it to begin with,but it takes too much space in the 1st tileset,the animations will look crappy and it takes too much time to map with it.
If you don't have a pokedex,what will happen when you catch a pokémon?
outfits,good idea,but how do you edit the multichoice?(Boy/girl)
And you shall see more.I'm inserting some very nice tiles right now,I can post some screenies tomorrow.
BTW,you don't know where my mom is.
Uhh...uhh...I can't script.
I have an animation for it that looks fine. I could PM you it if you want. But either way, good looking grass that takes up lots of room > bad looking grass that doesn't take up much.
Good point. Why not just give the player a Pokedex then? Since it is one of the most important parts of Pokemon. Or just change the text so that instead of saying the Pokemon's data was recorded in the Pokedex, it just says something like "Here is some info on Pikablu".
Just change the text.
Oh trust me. I do

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