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Back from my break!

Whoa there, I decided to start existing again. I had an unannounced break from Tyrian and what not just to sort of build up my motivation to work on it again, and here we go again. As of speaking, I have everything playable up to the end of the first gym, so look forward to future updates.


Originally Posted by Vampire://Krimm View Post
ooh I'm in love with this project =3=

From what you've displayed, everything looks very well done and fresh. I'm loving the "retro" feel you're going with by using the GSC graphics and whatnot. It could be because I'm a huge fan of the style, but I have to say everything looks great. The custom/new houses in the style look very nice and keeps it all unique. Also good job with recreating the GSC battle graphics with Essentials o:

It looks great! Keep up the good work!

Thanks, mate. It really means a lot coming from you, I really liked your game way back when, haha. I'm considering changing the battle graphics, actually, make them a little more custom.

Originally Posted by ChiKouu View Post
This looks really intrestning. Keep it up
Thanks, will do.

Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
Other than the lack of battle backgrounds, this game looks fantastic.
GSC were my favorite games, and this brings back great memories.
Keep it up man, I have faith in you
Glad to see you're around, buddy! I left out the battle backgrounds to go with the GSC style but I'd consider putting some in, provided I can make them unique enough. (Not the regular oval platforms). Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Violet Cave

As promised for what seems like years ago, here's Violet Cave. It's the dungeon before Turquoise Bay. I've left out the screenshots of the route before it, though.

New Movepool for Tyrogue

I mean, as your first Pokémon, he should get some sort of boost. Tackle until level 20 is kind of counter intuitive! It's nothing special, but here you go. I've also slightly boosted it's stats. I stopped at level 20 since I want to encourage evolution.
Level 1: Tackle
Level 4: Leer
Level 7: Pursuit
Level 10: Low Kick
Level 15: Mach Punch
Level 20: Swagger

Next Update

Whilst this update was really short and more of a reminder that I wasn't caught in some sort of freak elephant circus accident resulting in my death, I've held back content for a reason. I want you, the members of the community to choose what sort of update I post next. Here are your choices.

  • An update showing Turquoise Bay.
  • An update that talks about some of the Koru lore.
  • An update which talks about some of the planned features that might appear later on.
  • Got your own idea for an update? Do tell
I'm doing this to sort of condense updates to keep them short, but at the same time making sure I update frequently to keep your interest. Have at it, ladies and gentlemen!
Next update: Your choice!