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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
I asked Ms. Forever this, but she redirected me here.

So I've been searching for Dream World Exclusive abilities as well as a few choice Dream World Abilities and ran into a slight dilemma. Specifically I am looking for either Seedot or Sneasel or any of their evolutions, but they are not listed in any of the three Dream World Isle locations, the forest being the obvious location for them. Same can be said for some Cave dwelling Pokemon. They aren't listed in any Dream World information on fan based sites such as Serebii or Bulbapedia.

My questions are are there Pokemon that can't be caught in the Dream World yet? In no, then where are the missing Pokemon? If yes, have you heard anything about new Dream Isles to correct this? Or is there maybe going to be a Promo for them?
The Pokemon that are not listed in the Dream World isle's are the Pokemon that are yet to be released, so Pokemon like Seedot, Sneasel, Litwick, Jynx etc... have yet to be released.

No one know's if they will ever be released, but they were given a Dream World ability so most likely they'll be released one day.
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