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Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
Oh dang it, MW, I hate you and your cliffhangers! D< Now I can't wait to see what Steven wants to talk to Ren about. D:
Let's just say it's going to take the story down a path nobody is expecting. I can almost guarantee that. GENRESHIFT

To backtrack a bit, hehe I think Roxanne has a crush on Ren. Usually I'm weary over a gym leader falling over the main protagonist, but considering Roxanne looks like she's in her teens/late teens, I'm not bothered by it too much. And I knew Natasha was going to ask that!
Yeah, I gotta be careful with it because otherwise Ren will turn into a Stu . . . Of course, now I'm going to take Roxanne out of the picture for a few chapters and leave you wondering. Because I'm evil like that.

Roxanne and Ren's relationship is funny, actually. I was originally intending to have Steven just send a car and driver, but it seemed a little more personal to have it be an actual character. And the conversation just . . . grew. Natasha's piercing observation was the first line I thought of, and the scene built from there. Now it's awkward! \o/

Hm, I haven't really thought that Steven will be the CEO after his father retires from the many times I played the Hoenn games. I do believe that Steven doesn't want to take over the company. He probably mentions that in the games, but it's been a while since I last played it, haha.
I don't actually think he does mention it, from memory (been a while for me too=p). It's funny, though. The thing with canon characters like Steven is that you just have to ask these questions. Does he have siblings? What was his childhood like? Is he expected to follow in his father's footsteps?

Ack, short review because not too much going on here, but the chapter is still good. XD Again, can't wait for the next chapter!
also ilu for reviewing. Next chapter should be . . . Wednesday/Thursday, I think I said?
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