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Hey I know it has been a while since this thread was first started but if you guys/girls are still completing requests can you do this one for me

Player's name: Jetstream
Player's sex: Male
Playtime: Whatever.
Badges: 2
Location ingame: In slateport city. (Before or after the event with Team Aqua)
Team: Shiny Combusken Lvl 20
Shiny Electrike Lvl 20
Shiny Skarmory Lvl 20
Shiny Feebas Lvl 20
Tropius Lvl 20
Absol Lvl 20
Bag:99 Rare Candy's, 5 masterballs and anything else as long as the Player has a decent amount of money.
PC: Shiny Rhyhorn Lvl 20
Shiny Beldum Lvl 20
Shiny Bagon Lvl 20
Shiny Swablu Lvl 20
Additional info: Can you please have all the special events for Pokemon Emerald on there so i can do them once i finish the pokemon League

Thanks So Much in Advance !!!