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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
Cliffhanger! *fistshake* Oh, you are a master of those with this fic, aren't you? You tease us so and leave us hanging.
Bet you thought you were gonna find out what Steven wanted this chapter.

Having Roxanne meet Ren and Tasha at the station was a nice touch. It made the conversation that happened seem more likely to happen, since the characters knew one another from before.
That was my other motivation. XP Glad to know it seemed a bit more natural.

Wonder about the sudden change in Natasha's and Roxanne's mood at the Devon Corporation was about.
OHOHOHO where is that gif I posted before

Noticed that

You missed the spacing between sentences here.
Ah, thank you. Curse of the Justified alignment. *fixes*

Your cliffhanger has me waiting for the next chapter so we can finally see what all this is about. And did I hear "G-G-G-Genre shift"?
Weeeell . . . not so much 'genre shift' as 'we-were-in-this-genre-all-along-I-just-didn't-tell-you'. I'm so bad. I probably should foreshadow it a bit more. :/
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