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Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
Heya,why do people keep skipping me?
But on to my question(please don't skip me again)
the pewter city tileset has gone completely blank,the effects are FF FF FF FF,what happened and how do I fix it?(I know FF is free space,but I'm afraid that when I overwrite,my hack will crash.)
This happened to me once, I think. First you should save a backup of your rom. When adding tilesets, you don't want to extend it past the max # of tiles it allows, and you want to make sure to "load new blocks" before adding new tiles, because sometimes A-Map is a little glitchy with that, and it will seem you have space for new tiles when you don't - you should especially do this any time you change the amount of blocks that will be in your tileset.

With that said, just try redrawing your tilesets, or if you have a backup of your rom, save the good tileset from the backup and insert it into your current rom and see what happens. As long as you have a backup rom, you don't have to worry about screwing something up, because you can start over again if you do.