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    Originally Posted by helmy96 View Post
    just a question, do the offsets get affected once i try to enter my own scripts? meaning like it will alter itself somehow due to incompatibility? sry, can't explain myself well as i'm bad in understanding scripting :p
    When you make a script, you should only be overwriting free space (FF bytes) - if you're using XSE, it searches for free space for you with the #dynamic command. So it should not affect any future scripts you write and insert, and any scripts you insert will not affect the data of the new sprites you insert.

    The only way you could do this is if you choose the offsets for your scripts yourself, and you pick an offset that is near the offset of the data you inserted, and your script would be long enough to overwrite the data that is already there - but that's not a good way to do it.

    That's also why I suggest starting the offsets at 0x900000 so that it's far away from where you might be inserting your new scripts at 0x800000.

    ^ Hope that answers your question, if I'm understanding it correctly.
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