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    Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
    The second sidequest sounds really interesting. :3
    I like that you're using the shading; your maps look a lot better now. And the new worldmap is pretty cool too. :3

    Keep it up; I can't wait for the beta. ;)
    Thanks, you won't be disappointed.

    Originally Posted by drew6464 View Post
    Hey, a note of advice: For the second minigame, make pokemon like Shuppet and Baltoy available. Psychic/Ghost pokemon that will evolve into super powerful pokemon.
    I've already decided on which Pokemon will be available for the second minigame. Shuppet is one of them, Baltoy is not.
    Originally Posted by zumba View Post
    where is the download link? this game looks amazing and the creator looks promising. and am i able to put this on my phone? i have gameboid.
    The download link is attached to the first post. I'm not sure if you can play this on gameboid. I made this game strictly with VBA in mind, as such it has been play tested using VBA.
    Originally Posted by cazzler View Post
    Aww it sucks that requeim couldn't make it, I was looking foward to it, oh well this looks awesome too, good luck with it, oh and one question, how much Pokemon are going to be available in the first beta?
    I don't know how many pokemon will be in the first beta, I don't count. The beta goes up to the fourth gym, so I assume at least more than 50 will be available. I'll try to do a count before I release the beta.
    Originally Posted by AimayBee View Post
    A good hack with okay scripting, although it's strage in some places and I've noticed a lot of errors.

    I'll write them down later and VM you. xx

    Once again, Good hack. x
    That would be helpful I guess. Be sure to specify whether you're using VBA or not and exactly how these errors occured. Please and thank you.
    Originally Posted by Meri-tje View Post
    Ow how annoying XD
    I can't exit the pokémon center
    And I have no idea what the town is called lol

    I just fought ace after coming back from that forest with Green
    And went all the way east until I came to the next town
    But now well, I'm stuck in the pokémon center XD

    And I wrote stated inside the pokémon center too
    So now I'm stuck :P

    Anyway other than that I really like the game lol
    I'm really looking forward to the beta
    Yeah I did notice that, don't enter then Emerald Town Pokemon Center. The warp is there but on a different walking level than the player is, so it cannot be accessed.

    Okay people, I have noticed a variety of errors. Some were made by me, others were the result of something out of my control. For example, in Emerald Park there are wild Minun available, DO NOT BATTLE THEM! I cannot stress this enough. If they use a damage dealing move the game will just hang there. This is the result of using the DPSS Patch. I don't know how to fix the error so I just decided to reboot, and not use the DPSS patch. Now I've known about this error for about a week or so now and the reboot has already happened. But to be clear, the reboot will not affect the release of the beta. I spent the last few days backing up all of the data from the original rom into my backup. As an apology to everyone who played the alpha and experienced weirdness in it, I would like to announce that in the next few weeks I will be releasing another Alpha, this one will fix all of the bugs in the current alpha. Also as a bonus, I've decided to announce yet another Mystery Gift event. This one is more advanced than the first. Details below.

    Event Name: The Eggciting Mystery!
    Premise: I really botched the Alpha release, so as an apology, here's a free egg!
    Details: It's an egg giveaway! A man will be in the Mozilla City Pokemon Center and will give away 1 free egg. What's inside of the egg? Who knows, that's the mystery part! There are three possibilities for what's inside of the egg. When the egg hatches, go back to the man and he'll teach the Pokemon that hatches from the egg a special move that it wouldn't normally learn otherwise. The event will only be in the alpha and will be removed for the beta, so get it while it's hot.

    I'm aware of all the bugs, the hack has already been restarted, I should reach the point where I was last soon enough, the alpha will be out soon, with the a new mysterygift event, the beta will be out June 20th.
    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.