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Welcome to the Darkness Beyond. I am Diabolico. I am a big fan of pokemon and Japanse animation; I also like to draw my favorite animated characters from Disney and Japan, and create my own animated characters as well. My hobbies are playing video games, doing martial arts, studying mythology, collecting, watching japanese animated shows, drawing animated characters, and learning to become a Japanese style animator. I'm not always available here on the pc and other forum websites. So if you want to trade with me, just post on my thread, be patient, and be very polite. Thank you and have fun. =)

~Favorite Anime Shows~
Avatar, the last airbender
Mon colle knights
Monster Rancher
Beast Wars
.hack//legend of twilight
Yugioh, Yugioh GX, and Yugioh 5ds
Ah, my goddess
Final Fantasy
Wedding peach
mew mew power
Disney Movies
Air Gear
Rave Master
Teen Titans
Tales of Phantasia
Tales of Abyss

Batman and Batman Beyond
Justice League
Power Rangers (Mighty Morphing, In space, in the lost galaxy, lightspeed rescue, time force, wild force, and mystic force)
Monkey Magic
Samurai Jack
Shaman King
The Brave of Gold, Goldran
Kiki's Deliver service
Spirit away
Princess Mononoke
Astro boy
Tenchi Muyo
Rurouni Kenshin

~Favorite Video games~
Monster Rancher
Kingdom hearts
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Crash Bandicoot
Virtua quest
Threads of fate
Beast Wars

Donkey Kong


Name: Kagura
HeartGold FC: 3739 6131 7006

Name: Bell
Soulsilver FC: 1549 1176 6461

Name: Odius
White FC (J): 3696 5889 0084

Platinum FC: 3610 5204 2626

Diamond FC: 1591 9835 4193

AR Codes:
999x Rare candies
All Pokeballs
Iv/Ev check (Heartgold)
100% catch rate

1.) No Spaming, Flaming, Trolling

2.) Be polite and respectful

3.) No hacks

4.) No nagging, begging, whining, complaining, and fussing

5.) No insults or dirty inappropriate languages

6.) I only accept fair trades

7.) If I trade any hacked pokemon to you, send me a vm to let me know and I'll make a refund with you.

8.) Don't send me a vm/pm to make an offer or a trade with me if you didn't post on my thread first.

9.) If you're someone who I have personal issues with and who is on my blacklist, don't post on my thread.

10.) You need a trade thread in order to trade with me (unless if you're someone who I know)

11.) Don't ask me anything about ROMs, .pkm files, and .saved files on my thread, on vm, and on pms. Because I don't use those things, I don't know what those things are, and I have never used them before in my whole life.

12.) Don't use my thread as a chat room. If there is a problem, discuss about it with me on vms.

13.) If you're unable to send me a vm and a pm, make a friend request with me so I'll add you to the list since my wall and account only allows the people on my friendlist to send me messages.

14.) Don't make offers with people on my thread but me.

15.) No blacklisted people (on smogon) allowed

16.) I do not and will not trade and make deals with newbies, strangers, players who are not well-known and those who are lazy slackers until they proof themselves that they are trustworthy (Try RNG abusing your own pokemon, let me get to know them first, show me your references, and make a trade thread so I can see your own pokemon)

17.) Don't keep me waiting too long after you make an offer or a pending trade with me because being kept waiting is normally against my policy. I really don't mind being patient but if you keep me waiting longer than I can wait, our pending trade will be off and canceled. Unless if you give me a time and a date of when you'll be available.
My Trade Thread: