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    Twilightblade - Very good moderator and a really nice friend.

    Giorgos - A good friend and watching over the pokemon for me when someone was redising other players' non-redis pokemon.

    RNC - very good friend.

    Live Wire - A very nice friend.

    SacredMikey - A very nice friend.

    Lord Scalgon - A reliable trader and good friend.

    Lolpo - He has been flamming and trolling here on the pc and keeps continuing to do it by opening multiple accounts like a real troll. (His Alter accounts are here, here, and here.)

    The_Coza - he keeps continuing to trade multiple hacked pokemon and he has got me blacklisted on smogon by ripping me off when has given me 20 to 30 hacks. If you ever see him, I suggest you don't trade with him.

    Lazn - Trading non-redis pokemon without redis rights.

    Syndrome - He keeps continuing insult and trash me and other players for no reason. He told me that he wants to be my friend but he really isn't acting like a friend that me and other people want to have because of his treacherous attitude. He was also trying to redis other players pokemon without permission just like he traded Twilightblade's shiny Metagross without permission before he retired from trading.

    KidCuDi/WheezyBaby/Kobe MVP - He has double crossed me by just using me and pretending to be my friend after he has gotten so many good pokemon from me.

    BlaQk - He has called me a retard and continues to talk back to me so harshly after I tried being nice to him. So no matter how many times I tried being nice to him especially when I'm trying to help, he's only just gonna continue to act like an arrogant smart-alechy brat who shows zero respect to other players.

    Stavros - He was once my friend, then he betrayed me after he joined smogon, and believe every lie that Chains/Jubilee said about me. He has also spammed, flamed, and trolled on the pc insulting other players on the pc, and keeps opening new alter accounts trashing me and other members on here and here.
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