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Originally Posted by Ettadara View Post
Alright - I've got a problem.

So I'm in Vorril Forest, training my team:
-Akakios (Mikachu) lv24
- Icarus (Nidorino) lv21
- Zero (Shiny Marill) lv16
- Novabell (Ledyba) lv20

But, I'm training because I want Nova, my Ledyba, to evolve.
My problem is that Ledyba evolves at level 18. Each time I level Nova up, the animation starts, then stops practically the moment Nova's sprite turns white. The text I get after this is '...?'
I've tryed to evolve him three times (is why he's level 20) and I've received this failed evolution three times - is this due to something you're doing in the coding of the game, or a glitch?

I wanna point out that Icarus (my Nidorino) evolved fine, so if it's a script glitch, it's like to be within Ledyba itself.
To me (and I'm no expert) it sounds like a problem caused by not having a National Pokedex, it will cause and poke that isn't in the Fire Red dex to not evolve. But like I said I'm no expert and I haven't started this hack yet, I was just about to hence why I'm checking the thread.