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    Originally Posted by Diabolico View Post
    @No123 - Look at my wanted list.

    @Lifes-A-Beach - I don't see anything on your thread that I want. And I already have an Alamos Darkrai. And I don't mean to sound offensive, but i really don't trade or make deals with newbies, strangers, or players who I don't know. Sorry.

    @AngelXavier - Hey Xavier. It's good to see you too. Thanks.

    @Mozarch - Well..... to be honest, I really don't trade with other players who are strangers and who I don't know unless they have some references and have proven themselves trustworthy. Because I'm trying to make sure I don't get ripped off. =/

    @Smashgood - Well.... thanks, but I'm looking for the exact ones on my wanted list. Sorry.
    What do you mean by have some references?
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    Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
    If I may vouch for someone's trustworthiness, I believe Lifes-A-Beach is amazing. Please be patient with your fellow traders because some day, they may join our ranks, right?