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    Originally Posted by flamemaster View Post
    you've got to be patient about these things,Very true. you have'nt shown us much gameWill be updated shortly., and this part of the forum, isn't that active.[B]Also true.[/B
    so keep on trucking.
    all i've got to say is your story is very genericWorking on that., "evil team wants to get legendary pokemon, so they can rule the world, and you set out on journey and fight them with pogeymans." tthats all i gotta say
    Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
    That fakemon looks really good. Looks like an official nintendo one. (it might me, i don't know, don't pay much attention to new generations)Yeah, Veenerick is an amazingly talented spriter.

    I don't know what to think about Retyping old pokemon... Seems like you're making a lot of them half fighting.Noticed that. Will reconsider them. and some of the choices don't make sense-

    like octillery, it only learns one psychic move, but thats psybeam.Octillery wasn't my wisest choice. octilery learns beams of all kinds, including singal beam(bug), bullet seed(grass), aurora and ice beams(ice), even rock blast(rock). giving it a half psychic typing makes no sense.
    Thanks for the criticism, everyone. Comments in bold.
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