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yay, this update is all my work I was able to accomplish over spring break. I was hoping to release this information earlier...

This pic introduces one of the main characters, your cousin. Who is different depending on your gender. (So there wnt be two guys, or two girls) also the scripts are different too.

Mugshot hack was implemented thanks to the work of Jambo51.
This hack allows for any battle I chose to display a the mugshot with any pallet I chose.
This happens for important battles, and the colors will be consistent.
i.e Purple is only for battles with your cousin.

Outside the bakery/ Synthesizer. (You give two items and they morph into one. Iam still working on the script and item fusing list xD)

Now where inside.

The useful cell phone makes a return in pokemon light. You can re-battle trainers or just hear conversations if your bored.
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