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    Originally Posted by Full Metal
    Well, it looks nice.
    Although, at this point it is kind of ... pointless (?)
    Unless you plan on adding more to it, than what we already have in advance map.
    IDK. That's just my opinion I guess.
    Some suggestions:
    Full-Screen Mode (?)
    "Floating Toolbars" { for the tile selectors } ( eg, in paintXP you could drag the color palette off the borders, and it's a "floating toolbar" )
    hm...yea. Of course, it probably wouldn't hurt to integrate your tileset manager / door editor either?
    hm...oh, and event support. You should get some of that too. ( Perhaps HM would be willing to share some XSE stuff for integrated script editor? )
    These are all just ideas off the top of my head, for improvement. It looks completely fine as it is right now though.
    Thanks Yeah, I took design and interface ideas from Advance Map, EliteMap, .. I have to agree, it'll be no where near to as perfect as Advance Map is lol Anyway, coding a map editor is a fun exercise for programmers XD

    You read my mind, I've actually wanted to integrate both of those tools. Yeah sure, so far I've got the events half done But the stuff look ugly lol I think I got how to load scripts via XSE but yeah I'll talk to him if I need more help.

    Edit: Look at this, that's what I meant ugly. I couldn't make the right icons for events XD Have to try more in photoshop.

    Originally Posted by Darthatron
    1. I would love the see the source some time.
    2. Might I suggest a different style of movement permissions? Where...

    The height is represented by a number (eg 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) or color.
    The permission is based on color (eg Red = blocked, Blue = accessable) or a symbol.

    Or something similar? I never really liked the numbered system that there currently is. It doesn't feel like a tool, but just dressed up hex. But that's just me.
    3. Better big-block selection. Like the marquee tool in PhotoShop?
    4. Copy/Paste.
    5. I would love the see the source some time.
    Hey Darcy Long time.. Yeah, I'll show you once I'm close to releasing a workable version. Shouldn't be far.
    Can you give more insight on that idea, so like a different color for different movement permissions?