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    @yikkayuk - I wanted to thank you for the review, and do understand where you're coming from. It is a bit slow in the beginning, but pokemon will be the major point of the story. Despite this story being darker than what the show is like, that is what fanfiction is for - to be different than what it is. Again, thanks for the review, and hope you enjoy the rest.


    The moment Shaun stepped into the room with the rest of the upcoming trainers all eyes fell on him. He paused, unsure, before giving his usual glare. Very few diverted their eyes, far too curious to know why he had to talk to the professor ahead of them.

    “I’m sorry about the delay,” Professoe Leef called out, startling Shaun. Her cold exterior was completely gone and replaced with a cheerful woman that looked absolutely thrilled to be here. Hell, she even looked younger. “I am sure each and every one of you is excited!”

    There was a round of cheers, gazes no longer directed at Shaun as he slunk in amongst the others. A few still gave him curious glances.

    “I know that my aide explained what was necessary in place of my lateness,” Professor Leef said with an apologetic look as she gestured at a man in a white lab coat who gave a sheepish smile and wave. “But I have one last thing for you all, and if you would just follow me, I’d like to show you.” She held a secretive smile as she led them away.

    Curious, everyone was shown outside where they all stood on the large lawn; even the commissioner.

    The professor’s voice turned serious once they had all settled on the grass and turned their attention on her. “You are all about to take your very first step into something life changing. Believe and listen to me as I tell you this is no easy journey. You are all young men and women about to make your mark into this world, and the road you have chosen will be a harsh one.

    “Some of you are from very different regions. This region, Lenore, is very unusual. Its entire structure is unlike any other, and thus the pokemon you encounter will be different, fiercer, in order to survive. You too must become a survivor.” Professor Leef now smiled warmly. “But you cannot survive alone.” Mutters began to grow excitedly. “Yes,” the woman said, gesturing to her aide to bring out a large a box where he simply put it on the floor. “You and your pokemon, who will become like family, will be there.”

    Cheers, hoots and hollers sounded out. Shaun just stuck his hands into his pockets.

    “And now we begin. We start by those who arrived first.” The professor laughed heartily at the groans and ‘yes’s!’ that erupted. “Just reach into this box and pull out a single pokeball and receive a metallic hooked belt to hold your pokeballs and pokedex that acts as a map, phone, transportation device for items to your pc – though pokemon will have to be transferred at a center – and, of course, an information data base on the region, route and pokemon. If you check your pc you will see that we have given each of you pokemon food that should last up to two days if used wisely. Remember, pokemon are living beings, and anyone caught abusing their pokemon will have their pokemon revoked instantly and answer to the law.”

    Shaun scowled as she stared straight at him.

    “Now let’s begin, shall we?”

    It turned out there were thirty of them, and the wait was killer. Idly, he did begin to wonder what sort of pokemon he would get. All the starters from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh were provided, as well as a few ‘surprise’ ones. He didn’t care what he got, so long as it was strong.

    “Alexander Broderick,” came the next name.

    Shaun finally looked up at the sound of the name, more curious about the strange name than the actual going on of things. He blinked as he noticed it was the same boy that had talked to him on the boat.

    The kid, Alexander, walked up to the box, face relaying excitement. He glanced at the commissioner, and Shaun felt his eyebrow lift as the boys demeanor turned into that of an obedient guard pokemon. Prideful and wary. It was weird, but Alexander calmly stuck his hand into the box and pulled out a red and white pokeball before he was handed a brand new pokedex. He gave a respectful nod and made his way back into the crowd. He paused as he passed Shaun before giving him a soft smile. The coolness that had been in his eyes disappeared as he gave Shaun that smile, and for the life of him Shaun could not understand why warmth was being directed at him of all people.

    More people were called, and soon Shaun was the only one standing there without a pokeball. He looked up and met the gaze of Professor Leef. She truly looked like she didn’t want to call on him, and for that he smiled smugly at her.

    “Shaun Tess,” she finally called out. Her voice came out slightly bitter, but her face remained neutral and professional. Her eyes, though, were another story. They were still as cold as usual, but they were just daring him to make a mistake, prove that people like him didn’t deserve a chance like this.

    Shaun sauntered forward, aware that the rest were whispering about him. Apparently these brats had never seen a punk before. Or at least one that dressed like one. He walked up to the box and eyed the contents.

    Inside was a single pokeball. It looked a little smudged, as if being on the bottom had dirtied it. It looked strangely lonely in that large box, being the only one and all. He reached inside and grasped it carefully, marveling a bit by how weird this all was. Turning, he took the pokedex and belt offered begrudgingly without a backwards glance and moved towards the back.
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