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Originally Posted by Hybrid Trainer View Post
I'm thinking of making a thread full of CSS signatures, with my own art work of course, but i don't know where to put it.
I'm guessing somewhere in the art forum but idk "/
If you put it in the main art forum, and make sure to show the four examples of your own art first (drawings, and not graphics), then including the CSS signatures made from that art shouldn't be an issue, cause it wouldn't fit in graphics/photography due to that being avatars, banners, wallpaper and photography.

However, if these css signatures have backgrounds you created yourself, make sure you show those graphics off at first, then show what you've created from those backgrounds.

Either way it depends on what type of art work you mean by that, but as long as you concentrate on the art at first and not necessarily the css signatures, you'd fit into either forum. Though take note that there was a profile design shop in Graphics/Photography, which only showed screenshots of the profiles and not the graphics itself. So really, it depends on how you make the distinction between just css signatures, and the graphics themselves. Which hopefully makes sense.

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