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    Have you guys heard of the Walk Through Walls Glitch in RBY? It allows you to use Walk Through Walls without cheating.
    You will need one Pokémon on your team, a Poisoned Pokémon and Potions to prevent your Pokémon from fainting. Here are the steps:


    1.) Go to Fuschia City.
    2.) Enter the Safari Zone then leave it. When asked if you want to leave, say No and save.
    3.) Restart the game then leave the Safari Zone. You will be asked if you're willing to pay ₱500 to enter the Safari Zone. Refuse then leave the entrance.
    4.) The game will think your still in the Safari Zone. Walk around for 500 steps (don't let your Pokémon faint! Use Potions to heal it! But don't cure it of its Poisoning!) and make sure that your 500th step is in midair (after jumping on a ledge in Route 19 below Fuschia City). The PA will anounce your time is up. You will then appear in the entrance of the Safari Zone.
    5.) Now, do NOT leave the entrance of the Safari Zone or you'll end up in Glitch City! Walk around and let your Pokémon faint, leading you to the Pokémon Center.

    Now you can walk through walls all you can "legitly"!
    This glitch also makes it possible for the player to enter the Indigo Plateau and Cerulean Cave earlier than usual.


    This glitch occurs because the player manages to trick the game into letting him or her out of the Safari Zone while the step timer is still running, by saving the game. When the steps run out, they are warped to the Safari Zone gate, regardless of whether or not they are actually in the Safari Zone.