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Originally Posted by pokewalker View Post
I couldn't find a thread about this so created one.
Here, you can share all the discoveries you made in Pokémon Black and White's roms. For example, post the location of the fonts & type logos: (I found this today) a/1/5/9. I found it quite odd that I was using a Jap. Rom but also the type logos of the French, Italian, German, English and Spanish were also in there So, share the locations so we can make a full hacking guide!

Hacking Guide:
Fonts & type logo's: Root/a/1/5/9
Trainer data: Root/a/0/9/2
Trainer poke: Root/a/0/9/3
Game's logo: Root/titledemo

More coming soon.

If someone wants to make a tool with this information, feel free to. And credit goes to Magius, thanks to him I know the location of the trdata and the trpoke!
Can you give me instructions please?
Going away for a while.
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