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Originally Posted by aragornbird View Post


It's actually pretty easy, even for a beginner like me. All you need is a hex editor (I use HxD), a calculator that translates decimal into hex (I use subnet), and an online Pokemon guide that list Pokemon locations (like Serebii or Bulbapedia).
You can use the Wild Pokemon narc in order to do the editing, so extract a/1/2/6 from a B/W ROM using NitroExplorer 2 (a must for any DS Pokemon hacker).

Every location in the game has a certain Pokemon appearing at a certain level. For instance, Lv. 15 Venipede only appear in Pinwheel Forest. Most hex editors have a search function, so to jump to a certain area, locate a specific Pokemon at a specific level by translating its National Dex number and level into hex using your hex-to-decimal calculator.

Venipede is #543, which is 21F in hex. Now bytes in a hex editor always appear in multiples of two, so 02 1F is the same thing as 21F. But Pokemon games take the last two digits and put them in front of the first two. So the game recognizes Venipede as 1F 02.
Level is the same thing. The number 15 is F in hex, which is the same thing as 0F. So searching for "1F 02 0F" will take you to Lv. 15 Venipede's location and ultimately, the location for every Pokemon in Pinwheel Forest.

Now you can replace Pokemon and change the levels by overwriting the bytes that are there with the bytes that represent the Pokemon and/or levels you want.

After that, just save everything, reinsert the narc in the correct place, and test out your changes!

Also, every 4 bytes is a Pokemon entry. The first two bytes is the National Dex number of the Pokemon and the last two are the levels that Pokemon can be found. Venipedes can be found at Level 15 and 16 in Pinwheel Forest so you'll find entries for both 1F 02 0F 0F and 1F 02 10 10 (10 is 16 in hex).

There are several different methods of encountering Pokemon (normal grass, dark grass, shaking grass etc.) Each method has a total of twelve Pokemon entries, even if there is only one or two Pokemon that can be found in that method. Pokemon entries in the beginning of the 12 slots of any encounter method will make them more common than entries near the end. You can see this happening in Chargestone Cave's location, where Joltik's entries occupy a lot of spaces in the beginning and Tynamo's entry occupies only a little space near the end. This makes Joltik far more common than Tynamo.

Anyways, hopefully, that will help more people. Feel free to make a more extensive guide in the Tutorial's section.

And someone PLEASE figure out how to edit B/W trainer sprites. It's easy enough to access them in Crystal Tile 2, but the problem lies in what numbers to input to get the sprites to line up correctly.

Can you please show me the hex codes for all Pokemon (like as you said, Venipede is 21F). Thanks cos I want to get started!
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