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    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    In that case, hacking the Pokeball routine to say "Now is not the time to use that..." if a flag is not set would probably be the best option. Frankly, changing the Ghost routine seems like a strange way of doing it. Not to mention it wouldn't work with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. :\
    The Marowak/Ghost battle has a routine where, when you throw a Poke Ball, the Pokemon dodges to the side so the ball misses and a message is displayed that says "This Pokemon cannot be captured." That's what I want most of all. If the routine for when the Pokeball is thrown can be changed so that when a certain flag or variable is set, that routine will activate in Fire Red, that would be perfect.

    I wish I knew how to locate/display different routines/assembly instructions in the game. If anyone knows the location of the Poke Ball routine and how to hack it to add the Marawak Poke Ball routine when a certain flag/variable is set, let me know.
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