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    They never get completed.
    It annoys me so much when I come across V3.5 (or something like that) of a fangame on the internet and I spend hours trying to find V3.6, only to find out that it doesn't exist and never will.
    No original content
    If you're making a fangame then at least include something new. The whole point of a fangame is that it is made by you and is new. If everything is the same as previous games then people are going to get bored. I also hate it when people come up with something that has the same features as a pokégear, the same layout as a pokégear, the same purpose as a pokégear, but isn't called a pokégear.
    Boring/ overused storylines
    Do not create a fangame that has the same basic plot as 86% of all the rest. Add a twist, or make it completely new, just don't keep the same get-a-pokémon-from-professor-tree-defeat-eight-gyms-and-save-the-world-from-evil-team plot.