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Pokemon: Emerald Star
Hack of: Pokemon Emerald (U)
This is a side-hack of Pokemon Emerald I'm working on since 29th April.
It's an updated version of Emerald with parts of both 386 hacks and hard versions.
Stats and movesets of many Pokemon were updated.
The player can catch most (Around 3/4) of non-legendary Pokemon in the game.
The game is more of a challenge (though still not like "extreme" versions) and all rosters are edited.
De-capitalisation of Pokemon names, attacks, abilites etc. to match the BW style.
Most attacks that were updated in BW have their BW power and other standards, as well there are some power-ups to other attacks.
Pokemon that evolve by trading now evolve by Happiness.

Mediafire ~Alpha 2
- The game is edited till Norman's battle.
- The PokeNav rematches are unedited. I will work on this after finishing the first 8 gyms.
- A few trainers might be unedited.
- (Report any eventual bugs)
Tools used:
Advance Trainer - HackMew
Advance Map - LU-HO
YAPE - silver314
Move Editor - FinalZero
De-Capitalisation patch - Wichu
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